Innovative Technologies


Energen’s unique approach to the design and delivery of training ensures that trainees not only acquire valuable knowledge, and develop valued skills and abilities, but that they also develop the confidence and commitment to translate those qualities into professional performance on the job. 

Our training courses and programmes range from basic theory and principles to advanced applications, and often involve the use of power plant simulators. Examples include 

• Steam Principles and Steam Plant Practices (the foundation knowledge for Steam Certification) 

• Unit Cycle Principles (an operations-focussed course covering theory, design, configuration, operation, control and management, and tailored to the learning needs and interests of particular technical and non-technical groups) 

• Power Plant and Process Systems (covering principles, configuration, operation, control, isolation and restoration, and troubleshooting) 

• Unit Operation (courses ranging from basic to advanced levels, and refresher courses) 

• Plant Control and Logic Systems (courses ranging from basic to advanced levels) 

• Plant Access Safety System OIC Authorisation (a course designed specifically for work team members and OIC’s) 

A notable feature of these programmes is that they can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of a range of disciplines associated with the operation, maintenance and management of power plant and process systems. 

We aim to develop trainees who can not only operate and manage complex process plant and systems, but who can also recognise opportunities for performance improvement and process optimisation. 

Our training strives for real results and real benefits, for both the trainee and the organisation, and we have a proven and established reputation for achieving those aims.

The development and delivery of advanced operations training and assessment, technical and professional development programmes involving the use of full-scope replica or high-fidelity generic power plant simulators.