Client partnership to deliver solutions

What we do

Energen provides more than merely services – our team works in partnership with clients to deliver solutions.

Our aim is to develop and deliver solutions which exceed our clients’ expectations, which add value to our clients’ businesses, and which make the best possible contribution to the success of our clients. 

We share a common and exciting interest with our clients – the complex technologies which are at the heart of energy processing and power generating plants.

We also share a common purpose in obtaining the optimum performance of those plant and process systems through the efforts of highly skilled, committed and professional human resources and services. 

Our people offer a wealth of experience and capabilities in the field, covering the full range of power plant types, configurations and capacities, and energy sources ranging from coal, oil and gas, to biomass, geothermal and solar-thermal. 

  • The commissioning of new or refurbished power plants of all types and configurations
  • The provision of contract shift operating personnel to meet temporary staff short-falls 
  • The implementation and administration of plant access safety (PTW) systems 
  • The development and delivery of training and staff development programmes and services across all operations-focussed disciplines (shift operations, engineering, control systems, sciences, maintenance and non-technical)
  • The development and delivery of advanced operations training and assessment, technical and professional development programmes involving the use of full-scope replica or high-fidelity generic power plant simulators.
  • The design, development and publishing of operating and maintenance manuals, training manuals, and plant access and work safety systems manuals and procedures
  • The project management, fabrication and fitting of isolation point locking devices