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Terms and Conditions of Participation 

The quality and success of the Forum must be underpinned and assured by appropriate standards. 

These are essential for the mutual protection and satisfaction of all Members, and for the wider Forum community.

Membership and participation in the Forum (whether questions, answers, articles or promotional material and advertising), is subject to strict conditions.

A brief summary of the key conditions is provided below, and all intending members are urged to read the full explanation of the Terms and Conditions which are attached to the link which follows this summary:

Summary of Key Conditions

  1. Participants must be bona fide persons. 
  2. Participants are limited to one (1) account, and to only one (1) participant for each account.
  3. Account names must only be in the name of the Applicant/Account Owner. 
  4. The use of images, avatars, logos and product, company or website names, or links to other persons or entities, is expressly prohibited.
  5. We reserve all rights to approve or reject any application for membership, and may suspend, terminate or ban any account at any time. 
  6. Submissions must be strictly of a technical and professional nature (they must not be personal, political, religious, racial, cultural or discriminatory in any way).
  7. Submissions must not identify the name of a particular entity (company, plant, location, or person).
  8. Submissions which are considered to be “off-topic”, or which don’t contribute in a meaningful way to the discussion, will be rejected/deleted. 
  9. Submissions which are not directly related to the business or professional interests of the Forum are strictly not permitted, and will be rejected/deleted.
  10. Submissions must not include text using ALL-CAPITALS (Upper Case letters), using RED font colour, or contain embedded elements (such as avatars, images, logos, hyperlinks, etc).
  11. Submissions must not divulge any personal information.
  12. Submissions must not seek or divulge answers to examination questions.
  13. Confidential information and/or Intellectual Property must not be submitted. 
  14. Contributions which include quotes from published sources must properly acknowledge the source (Author, publication, publisher, year of publication, etc).
  15. Contributions must not contain elements of discrimination on any grounds, or be aggressive or threatening in nature, nor be derogatory, crude, slanderous or libellous.
  16. Contributions must not include content which is promotional or advertorial in nature.
  17. We reserve all rights to approve or reject any contribution for publication.
  18. Applicants and members also acknowledge and accept the Privacy Policy which forms part of these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by the undertakings so made.
  19. In the public domain of the Forum, participants must only identify themselves using their first name (or an approved alias, in special cases).

Click here to view the full description of the Forum Terms and Conditions.