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Forum Privacy Policy 

We fully respect the right of all individuals, and all entities, to privacy and the expectation that private or confidential details will be protected at all times. 

Accordingly, our Privacy Policy is concise, and includes a shared obligation on all parties:

  1. Your details will not be divulged to any other party at any time, unless we are required to do so under Australian Law.
  2. Your details will be stored electronically, and only in a secure and protected environment which cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons or third parties.
  3. Every participant in the Forum is obligated to respect, protect and preserve the right to privacy of other participants in the Forum, and the right to privacy of other persons and entities, in any submissions made to the Forum.
  4. All participants have an obligation to recognise that fellow participants are approved and subscribed members of the Forum, and that there is an abiding obligation to respect, protect and preserve the rights of other members to enjoy and benefit from their exclusive access as bona fide members.
    Enabling non-members to illegitimately access the Forum is expressly forbidden, is easily detected, and will result in an account ban being imposed (with consequent forfeiture of membership, all membership privileges, and of any unused subscription funds).
  5. While the Forum takes all available measures to assure it’s own Cyber Security protection, users should be aware that such defences can be breached via other randomly connected devices. 
    Accordingly, users of the Forum acknowledge that they have a reciprocal obligation to ensure that any device which they use to access this Forum has the latest updated versions of device and internet protection, and that due care is taken to avoid opening e-mails or files from other sources (including, and especially, from social media sources), and especially if those sources are unknown to the recipient or of dubious origin.
    For the benefit of the Forum and it’s users, it is essential for any user who accesses the Forum, and who subsequently becomes aware that their device has been (or may be) compromised, that they immediately contact the Forum Team so that precautionary measures can be quickly and effectively implemented to protect both the Forum and its members and sponsors.