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Feedwater Tank Blowdown Wastage

Plant: 350 MW PF-fired Power Plant with HP&LP Turbine Bypass Systems.
Query: Feedwater Tank Blowdown Wastage
Explanation of Query: Before and during the early stages of a Unit Cold Start, we use auxiliary steam (supplied from an adjacent operating unit), for the combined Deaerator and Feedwater Tank. The Feedwater Tank has a drain back to a smaller Reserve Feedwater Tank, and a Blowdown Line which drains to waste. During these early stages, the Feedwater Tank level keeps increasing, and we are forced to use the Blowdown to keep the level below the trip limits. This means that we are wasting large quantities of good feedwater. During these periods, there is usually no feedwater make-up to either the Condenser Hotwell, or to the Boiler. Why is this happening, and what can we do to better control the Feedwater Tank level and minimise or avoid waste? Anwar.


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