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Pulveriser PA Dampers at 100%

Plant: 350 MW PF-fired Power Plant with HP&LP Turbine Bypass Systems
Query: Pulveriser PA Dampers at 100%
Explanation of Query: At our plant, Primary Air is supplied from the Forced Draft Fans and Secondary Air Duct, via the PA Heater and the Primary Air Fans, and then to each of the pulverisers. During cold and warm start operations, when only one pulveriser is required in service, we find that the Pulveriser PA Dampers always eventually reach 100% open, and PA Duct Pressure gradually falls. As this occurs, the in-service Pulveriser PF Outlet Temperature also falls, and we are forced to reduce pulveriser load in order to keep the temperature above the pulveriser low temperature trip point. This of course reduces heat input, and greatly slows progress with the start-up. We have thought that perhaps we could raise the PA Duct Pressure setpoint, but this would also result in a compensating rise in the SA Duct Pressure setpoint and FD Fan load, and this doesn’t sound like the right solution. What do you think?


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