Network of Highly Skilled Professionals

Our Technologies

While our core asset is the combined experience, expertise and unique qualities of our people, Energen is supported by a range of technologies and systems which enhance the development and delivery of innovative services and solutions, including 

• A unique training philosophy, and design and delivery methodologies which have an established record for achieving valued results and benefits in a cost-effective manner. 

• A new and unique competency assessment philosophy and process which addresses both the technical and the human aspects of competent and professional performance. 

• Methodologies for the design and delivery of advanced operations training using full-scale replica power plant simulators. 

• Specialised RTO training, assessment and certification services covering high-risk plant licenses for boiler and/or turbine operators. 

• Power plant and process systems commissioning and operating methodologies. 

• Information design and technical publishing methodologies. 

• The design, development, implementation and administration of plant access and work safety (PTW) systems. 

• The project development, fabrication and fitting, and project management of isolation point locking devices and systems. 

Most of the key technologies, systems and methodolgies have been developed or acquired by Energen’s parent company, Cosmos Technologies Pty Ltd, and are supplied under exclusive license to Energen. These include the design and development of unique plant and process system diagrams which greatly enhance learning, retention and accurate recall of key plan and system details.