At the Forefront of Technology

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Energen is not only at the forefront of technology, it is a leader in the development and application of new and innovative technologies for the industry.

Our people offer a wealth of experience and capabilities in the field, covering the full range of power plant types, configurations and capacities, including 

  • Supercritical, once-through, reheat, HP-LP Bypass, PF-fuelled generating units 
  • Subcritical, drum-type, reheat, HP-LP Bypass, PF/oil/gas-fuelled generating units 
  • GT-integrated, gas-fuelled combined-cycle reheat and multi-pressure cogeneration units 
  • Biomass-fuelled cogeneration units and oil/gas-fuelled packaged steam generating plants 
  • Commissioning and operating experience associated with HFR Geothermal Binary Power Plant 
  • A range of auxiliary plant systems including feedwater treatment, chemical analysis and dosing, hydrogen gas production, fuel supply, residue disposal, and electrical systems (LV and HV, AC and DC) 
  • The full range of power plant and process control and instrumentation systems spanning many generations of technology - ranging from electro-pneumatic and panel-based systems, to computerised and screen-based DCS