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Easy and essential access to real-world power plant know-how which is based on actual events, issues and experiences in the field.

Our mission at Energen is to connect you with people who can help you find the answers, and to guide you through your Power Industry career.

At the heart of our operation is our Power Plant Forum, created specifically for the interest, support and benefit of people who are directly engaged in the power generation sector, and in other industry sectors using similar plant. 

It has been designed, and is managed, by people of the same field – power industry specialists who have enjoyed long and challenging careers in the industry.  

Whether your area of specialty is Commercial or Industrial Power Plants, Conventional, Motive Power or Alternative Energy Thermal Power Plants, Commissioning, Systems, Training or Operations, if you have a question, Energen is well placed to have the answer.

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There’s a new religion, out there, a World-wide community of True Believers, supported by a new ideology and a mass of propaganda.  Their manifesto has effectively (and insidiously) ...

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The Energy Debate...

In concert with the climate debate, and often mixed into the same turgid stew, is debate about energy security (and the term security  is often used in conjunction with – or intercha...

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The Next Generations

An article by Russell Ray, Chief Editor of Power Engineering magazine (a leading US power industry publication), published in December 2014, noted that Every sector of the energy industry is expecte...

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